when i first walked into this place on june 27th, 2013, i was told i was losing my life. today, i came simply drop off a diary that was supposed to go along with a drug trial that i didn’t qualify for because i’m too healthy.

finally, i can say i’m in remission.

5 years, 3 surgeries, countless days in pain, millions of bathroom trips, weeks in the hospital, 1 lost colon, but so thankful for the journey and the lessons learned.

if you have crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, never give up hope that you will get better and the pain you are experiencing now cannot compare to the joy that is to come. always stay positive, keep your faith in God, and above all, love and put yourself first.

thank you to my family, friends, Companion Magazine for IBD & my editors, the Parker Hannifin Downtown YMCA, Nikki B., all of my doctors, and everyone in between. my remission would not be possible without all of you.

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