start the conversation.

This morning a picture came up on my timehop on Facebook. It’s one of my sister and I 4 years ago in Vegas celebrating her 21st birthday. My dad had taken us on a trip that was supposed to be fun, relaxing and full of celebrating.

This was when I was starting to be SO sick but hadn’t told anyone, not even my dad. Little did anyone know that my body was infested with parasites and my colon diseased with fulminant ulcerative colitis. This was about a month after I had returned from Punta Cana. I was running to the bathroom over 15 times a day, in such pain and bleeding like I had never seen before. I was so scared, so unsure and felt really alone. I remember crying in frustration on this trip in the bathroom in our hotel room.

This is also such a great testament to where I’m at now and how thankful I am that I had my colon removed. I couldn’t live life the way I was in this picture. Faking a smile while I was dying inside.

If you are struggling with symptoms of Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis, please, please tell someone immediately. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was waiting as long as I did. I know it’s scary and it’s difficult to know how to even start the conversation, but start it with someone. You have a life to live that includes REAL smiles, no pain, and freedom from the bathroom.


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