CDC’s Distasteful Message

First watch this:

Now look at this:

The saddest thing that ever came out of having my ostomy was having to remind public figures, organizations and people how incredibly amazing ostomies are. Sure, hearing you have to wear an ostomy isn’t the best news, but would you rather be dead?

It may be harsh, but it’s reality. That’s the message we should be pushing, not that ostomies are disgusting, not that they smell bad, not that you should hide from the whole world if you have one.

I have always been a huge believer in every situation is what you make of it. I told myself the very day I found out I had to have an ostomy that I could either sit in my room and cry about it for 10 months, or I could help people who either were in the same situation or in a worse situation than my own. The woman in this ad chooses to have a bad attitude towards having an ostomy. She chose to let it make her miserable.

Is that really what this health organization is conveying? That having an ostomy is something to be ashamed of? That if you smoke you’ll have to wear an ostomy, and who wants that?

How about, if you smoke, YOU’LL DIE. That’s probably a good way to go, because it’s actually the truth. It’s not what some ignorant person chose to have an opinion on.

I can promise you that NOTHING makes me more infuriated than when people adhere to ostomy stigma’s and use them as, “scare tactics.” I dealt with it from the Cincinnati police department and now from the Center of Disease Control. How can a healthcare organization back such a horrific and degrading message?

The only awful thing about this whole situation, is what this woman had to say about ostomies. You know what is disgusting? Smoking cigarettes until you can’t physically go to the bathroom anymore. You know what makes me “squeamish”?  Watching a healthy person smoke until they have cancer ridden intestines. What an ignorant human. I’m sure myself or any of my friends would have been elated to have her colon that wasn’t diseased by CHOICE. My ostomy continues to be and will always be the most empowering thing that has ever happened to me. I’m so proud of my pouch, it saved my life.

Doesn’t look so gross to me:



















We didn’t choose this. So don’t make us feel like we are any less of a person than you are. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then DON’T say anything at all.” 

2 thoughts on “CDC’s Distasteful Message

  1. ‘I’m so proud of my pouch, it saved my life.’ That should have been the message of that advert. I can’t believe that this happens. I am so proud to have an ostomy, because with out it I would not be here. It is not a disabling thing, and it should never be portrayed as this! Loved the article, shared on my Facebook! – Jess X ✌️

  2. This is such an empowering message. I have had my osteomy for just about a year and I have yet to tell anyone other than my family about it. I even had one of my aunts throw it in my face saying to my mother, and I quote, “at least none of my kids have a bag”. But I have realized since I got it that ostomies truly give a life back to their owners, a life that IBD can so easily have the power to take away. I love your blog, it truly is so inspiring to me. I have been batteling with Crohn’s disease for 7 years now and only now do I feel like I have control over my life. Ostomies really are a gift to anyone who’s been sick enough to need one, not a punishment and they should not be portrayed that way at all!

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