Companion Magazine in Print/Subscription

We have been working hard to try and discover options for printing, distribution and subscription options for Companion Magazine. As a loyal reader and fan, if you could fill out the survey listed below, it would be very helpful for our future endeavors in helping Companion Magazine grow to it’s full potential and make sure everyone is receiving our support.

The survey will help us better understand how and why we should take our magazine to print. It will also open up ways to show possible publishing companies that we do, in fact, have an excellent following and a demand to have our magazine in print and for subscription.

If you could follow the link below, complete the short survey and leave your first name, last initial and email address we would sincerely appreciate it. There will be no scam at all, and we promise to now share your information with anyone. This information will be kept completely private and is for research purposes only.

Thank you for always being so supportive of Companion Magazine, we are proud of how far we have grown and hope to only continue doing so, but we can’t do it without your help!

Link for survey:

If you do not want to complete the survey, you can leave the information we requested in the comment section below. Thank you!

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