oh, so groggy.

Surgery number two is officially checked off the list. I was pretty nervous about this one, just not really knowing what to expect. But as sit here recovering from Friday, I realize that the ending to this journey almost over!

I really wasn’t scared going into this surgery and I thought maybe I might get to that point once they brought me in the OR. I remember just being really anxious and thinking it was odd having all of these normal conversations with these nurses right before I was going to have a new colon constructed! They made me feel so comfortable which was really nice. My friend Casie, who has had surgery at the Cleveland Clinic asks me if they had me sit in room with a bunch of TV‘s waiting for my operation. I always told her, “no?” But this time, I did sit in that waiting room and watched Teen Mom while I waited nervously to see those big steel doors open with a huge light shining out that is seemingly calling you in for the inevitable.

I did a lot of laying around Friday and yesterday, kind of still in that anesthesia haze that I’m in a little right now.  You get confused as to what day or time it is, since hospital schedules work a little differently than the average day.

The details I was so unsure about are now all known and hopefully I can write these next few posts over the next few days helping people like myself who was trying to frantically find a little detail as to what was going to make up the big picture for surgery #2.

Last time I woke up and immediately felt better. This time, not so much. I was frustrated in the waiting room because they weren’t letting me see my parents as soon as I had wanted. I also remember asking about the state of my face; since I was worried shout steroid bloat again (which didn’t happen.)

I have a drain this time,which was a little bit of a concern for me before my operation but does not bother me at all now. What really did bother me was my catheter, which apparently I had taken out too early because I had to get straight cathed (where they shove a tube up there to drain your pee, sorry!) TWICE!! The nurses and I were laughing about it, they had a flashlight and were acting like they were hunting in a cave! I’m just a little girl, people!

Thankfully, I am now able to pee on my own. Every time  I get up to do something I feel a little better. I want this recovery to go quickly. Hopefully all of those months in the gym preparing for this surgery will pay off when I get to have my takedown earlier than expected 😛 I know better than to keep my hopes up like that, though! I need to be blessed in the now, which I am.

He finished my surgery early, everything looked great and I well on my way to having my life back. The future is so exciting for me now,especially on days like this. Yes, on days where I am laid up in a hospital. Because I know I am healing and one day closer to coming back for the last time.

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