HA. CPD is forced to publicly apologize.

Man, this guys must have really gotten it bad after his ignorant comments that he made about ostomies went public.  I received 2 more emails after his, one from his boss making sure he apologized correctly and another from Doug Yakich who made a petition on Change.org for people to sign to express their feelings towards the CPD.  In only 12 days they were able to receive enough signatures to enforce the public apology from the police department.

Follows is the email that I received from the lieutenants boss:

On behalf of Laure Quinlivans office we are following up about the officers comment that was offensive to those with ostomy. Commander Russ Neville sent out an email trying to explain the comments and reconcile community relationships with the police department. Please feel free to forward us any comments.

Barbara Niederreiter
Laure Quinlivan
Council Member

I replied, explaining that I did receive an email from both of the officers, including a personal one from Richardson.  I appreciated the apology and hoped that he learned from his uneducated words.  I also asked them to please inform Richardson that I do not, in fact, walk with a limp due to my ostomy.

I’ve probably been to the gym more times 7 weeks after my 1st surgery then that man has been his whole life.  As a matter of fact, just yesterday I completed 150 crunches and 50 push-ups.  Should I write Richardson back and challenge him, or should I just send him a box of donuts instead?  Cops like those, right?  Isn’t that the stereotype for them?  Especially fat, ignorant ones.

Also, please do not group me into the same people as their druglords they seem to have running around that city.  I have made the right decisions in life, went to school, received an honor’s bachelor’s degree and have a marketing job.  Just because I have to wear an ileostomy for a few months doesn’t make me the same person as whatever idiot Richardson is basing his claims off of.

Regardless, I am very pleased with all of the public support that people like me received.  I hope that police station didn’t sleep over the comments made.  I think that Richardson should feel lucky to even have his job.  Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated in this situation!

Most of all, thank you to WCPO for reporting on this man who deserved what he got because of his comments.  I don’t think they owe anyone an apology, they were doing the right thing by informing and reporting, which is their job.  Richardson, in turn, was not doing his job by offending the citizens he is supposed to be protecting.

Here is the link to the letter from CPD and Greater Cincinnati Ostomy Association:


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