Cincinnati District 3 Police are Pigs.

I sent this to every government official’s email I could find in the city of Cincinnati.

Thanks to this ignorant police officer and station.

I am a 24 year old girl, also a resident of Ohio, who went on a tropical vacation, not knowing how much that trip would change my life forever.

By the time they caught the parasites that had been living in my body for 6 months, it was too late.

I hope that you are disgusted by Joe Richardson and the rest of the CPD, especially district 3, for letting this happen.  How dare they try to scare teens by showing pictures of some of the strongest, most brave people that live in this country.  Most of which, are lucky to have their lives.

I, being one of them.  I understand the stigma that comes with ostomies. I had them myself before having my first surgery.  I was diagnosed with horrible ulcerative colitis in October of 2012.  My doctors always told me that it was going to be okay, that my colon would be saved.  After fighting for my life, and through unimaginable pain for over a year, my medical treatments ultimately failed me.

The employees of the CPD and the city officials of Cincinnati obviously have no idea what it’s like to have your doctor look you in the face and tell you that medicine has failed you.  That you have no other options.  If you do not have this life changing surgery, you will die.

I had 2 days to prepare myself to lose all 5 feet of my colon.  I am now left with an ostomy bag that saved my life.  I am fortunate enough to be a candidate for the j-pouch, which means my ostomy isn’t permanent.  That doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with it everyday.

The true struggle was my life without an ostomy.  I was going to the bathroom 50+ times a day, while also vomiting as well.  I couldn’t eat foods I loved, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t hang out with my friends, couldn’t work or be the vibrant person I know myself as. My dad, who is a respected ENT and facial plastic surgeon and a cancer survivor, watched his first born daughter lay in the face of death for over a year.  

I don’t ever give up or feel sorry for myself, complain.  I, instead,chose to fight for my life.

I didn’t ask for this and I hate that my life has been put on hold thanks to my disease. What I don’t appreciate is being made to feel worse about it by stories and people like this. People like Joe Richardson.  

Why don’t you ask your police officers to worry about doing their job protecting innocent people, like me and my family, who have been through so much this past year and a half.  Why don’t you ask them to educate themselves on people like me, who have struggled with pain and sickness, who haven’t been able to get out of bed to have a normal life for months.

I must admit, when I first read the story, I cried in embarrassment.  My ostomy is new to me and knowing that people think this is why I was afraid to get one in the first place.  What I need to realize, is that people like me are an inspiration, not an excuse for a scare tactic.  I hope that you and your co-workers, your police officers, your citizens, will realize that as well.  You could only be so lucky as to know a person like me.

If you find yourself interested in my story and others, you can visit my blog at

Thank you for your time.

Brooke Bogdan

There is a petition you can sign to get the police station to apologize to people who have ostomies and this is the link to click and sign:

I just signed the petition “Cincinnati Police Department: Apologize for their inadvertent discrimination towards Ostomy Patients” on

It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link:

Thank you to all my family and friends who HAVE supported me and who don’t show discrimination against people for things that they cannot change.

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