picc be gone

Today has been one of the best days I’ve had in almost a year.  I was able to get up this morning, still with a little nausea, but I think its from the ice cream sundae I had last night 🙂 and get to the gym with my mama!  I have been craving a good workout lately and even though I won’t be able to really get my heart pumping for another 4 weeks, a nice walk on the treadmill and some arm exercises never hurt anyone.

I found myself getting pretty winded at the slow speed of about 2.5 with an incline of 7, but I’ll get there! (Plus I have really short legs!) I felt great after my workout and can’t wait to get better everyday.  It’s going to take a WHILE to get back to where I was, but if there’s one thing that this whole experience is teaching me, it’s patience.

last phenergen :(

last phenergen 😦

all of the syringes that it took to help calm my nausea over the past 3 months

all of the syringes that it took to help calm my nausea over the past 3 months

Last night my dad took out my picc line, which I kept in for a while to get phenergen at night.  I’m going to miss my phenergen and the strange taste of sodium chloride.  Nothing helps calm your stomach like phen through your picc ..nothing helps you sleep better either.  It feels nice to have a free left arm without having those lovely plastic caps clacking together.  It also feels nice not having stares from people that look at you like a zoo animal that just escaped.  I’ve even had a few people look at me and ask, “What’s wrong with your arm?”

I cannot believe how bold some people can be.  I would never look at someone who had something different about them and ask them, publicly, about it.  My favorite was when I was with my sister, Madelyn at a yogurt shop.  The clerk checking us out looked at me and my arm and asked, “What happened?”  I looked at him and told him that I had a disease and that was my way of getting nutrition at night.  He looked back at me blankly and confused and said, “Have a nice day!”  What would he have wanted to hear?  That I was stabbed in some epically dramatic fight that happened in an alley in some strange foreign country?  If people don’t want to know or hear the truth, then why do they ask?

photo 2 (2)

finally out 🙂

The other time I was asked about it was in a nail salon just after my surgery by an Asian worker who could barely speak a word of English, let alone have the knowledge to understand the answer that I was going to give.  I went to say my typical response of, “I have a disease,” when I stopped to realize, I actually don’t have a disease anymore 🙂

Besides the stares, my picc line saved me a TON of extra needle stabs over the past 2 months, we went through a lot together!

I have a “phone conference” with my surgeons nurse in a few minutes that I’m not really looking forward too, but I suppose its all part of the process.  Nurses are still on my nerves a little, understandably so after the 2 months I’ve shared answering a million questions and listening to them shuffle around, waking me up at 5 a.m.  What I’m really looking forward to is August 8th, which again, is the date I’ll find out when my next surgery is, hopefully.

With about a million thank you notes to write, the sun to lay out in and my first work out in 3 months done, today is the first day that I can start to feel myself coming back.  I can’t wait for the rest.

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