Speak Up For Others!

The month of March was a busy and stressful one.  And for those that have the unfortunate diagnosis of UC know that stress is not a good thing.  My company had two big events in March, and I had a fundraiser that I had planned for the CCFA.

On March 8th was my CCFA fundraiser for my Take Steps team, Wipe Out UC.  If you, your friends and family are looking for a fun 5K to particpate in this spring, please read about the Take Steps challenge that is taking place on June 22nd at the Franklin Park Community Gardens.  To register as an individual, or with my team, please visit http://online.ccfa.org/site/PageServer?pagename=TS_homepage.  The website is pretty self-explanatory!  Take Steps Logo

Race day should be really fun and I am looking forward to having my family and friends participate in a race that is so important to me.

On March 22nd I planned a fundraiser at Park Street Saloon for Komen, more specifically the honorary race chair’s team fundraiser.  Team Beauty All Over belongs to Darlene Matthews and she has done so much for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  We had an extremely successful fundraiser downtown, raising close to $2500.  There are so many people whose lives are affected by cancer, so when planning a fundraiser for those who have suffered because of a well known disease is almost a surefire success.  After Darlene’s fundraiser was so successful I realized how small mine was in comparison.

I want people with IBD to be able to come out and be proud that they live day to day life with an incurable disease that is so unpredictable and painful.  I know better than anyone how embarrassing it can be to talk about symptoms, but the more you talk, the more people will be willing to listen.  There is nothing more powerful in this world than being inspired by others.  At my fundraiser, I had a young girl stop and tell me that she has had UC for over three years.  I told her that I had just been diagnosed within the past year and she told me, “all I can say is that it gets better.”  Just hearing that and knowing that there is at least one person out there that struggles like I do made me feel so much better.

I read a lot online about others who have IBD and that is what has helped me get through a lot of tough situations. People are always posting various recipes or tricks that they have tried to manage their IBD.  Everyone’s disease is different, so I always appreciate reading and hearing what other people are doing.  Speaking up is important, so don’t feel embarrassed, you don’t know who you might be helping!

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