Being a Girl is Tough..

Having UC is tough enough, on top of everything else my body is beginning to be healthy again, which means I get to experience the lovely visit from mother nature every month.  This is an extra cause of stress for me as I’m sure it is for other girls with colitis.  We already have cramps, fatigue and body pains daily, why do we have to have a period on top of it!  More cramps. More fatigue. More body pains.  Instead of complaining and worrying about it even more, you need to find ways to help your body de-stress.

When my period is coming I usually know it pretty well in advance.  My UC symptoms start to flare even worse and the normal pms begins as well.  I noticed that it’s sometimes hard for me to tell the difference between my cramps from colitis and cramps from my period.  I noticed that when I take a few motrin in the morning it helps calms my cramps a lot.  I also take Bentyl a few times a day, which helps with my urgency and cramps.  I get pretty nauseated when it’s my time as well, so I take my nausea medicine, Zofran to help with that.  If you don’t have a rx for any nausea medicine, I suggest you ask your doctor about possibly getting one.  It helps me throughout the day if I ate something bad on accident or if I’m just not feeling well in general.  Make sure you are getting extra rest and don’t push your body too hard.

People with UC usually also have trouble with anemia, I definitely do.  I just had to receive IV iron a few weeks ago.  Make sure that you are taking iron supplements a few times a day, especially if you are a girl.  I just read someone asking online what kind of birth control they should use with their UC.  I use Ocella and do fine with it.  My gyno let me know that it shouldn’t affect any of the medications I’m on or any of my UC problems.  People with UC might also have a very irregular period, I do at times.  Being on birth control can help you expect when your period is supposed to be coming, which can help you listen to your body.

Make sure you are taking extra care of yourself and your body if you are a girl with UC.  I love to take hot baths at night, sit on a heating pad and drink tea.  My favorite tea right now is the Tazo brand tea “calm.”  Being a girl is tough, being a girl with UC is tougher.  Remember, you are not alone!



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